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CLT house

Next 50 Architects

Stuart was the Architect responsible for the thermal envelope detailing and CLT shop drawings for the above project.  The overall design was delivered by Next 50 Architects*. This project was the first full structural (walls, floor and roof) use of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) in Australia. The CLT was imported from Stora Enso in Austria, and left exposed internally forming a durable and warm wall finish. With an insulated slab and triple glazed windows, the house maintains internal temperatures of between 20º and 25º through passive design principals and support from a low 70watt mechanical heat recovery ventilation (MHRV) system and heat pump which delivers 1kW of cooling and 3kW of heating as top-up when needed. That means that even when it’s snowing, the house is toasty warm.

*Stuart is a Project Architect at Next 50 Architects

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