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15   /   11   /   2013

Situated on a beautiful headland with 180° views of the ocean, this house achieve the best of the views and solar gain.  

Triple glazed with Unilux Doors and Windows, and air-tight with heat recovery ventilation, thus far the house, occupied since late 2013 has not required any heating to maintain +20°C temperatures day and night.  Split over two levels with a double height void the house is planned to meet the clients Feng Shui requirements.  The building was entirely prefabricated offsite other than the ground floor slab which is insulated with Glass-foam, an eco-friendly super durable insulation material.  The pre-insulated and clad components were assembled on site by a crane.  The walls and ceilings are insulated with recycled newspaper/cellulose insulation pumped into an OSB lined cavity under pressure using German technology.  The entire house was pressure tested upon completion using a blower door testing unit and achieved a 0.8 air changes per hour rating making it one of the most air tight houses in Tasmania.

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